The Beginners Guide to Yoga Practices

If you’ve been considering taking a yoga class, go for it! Yoga not only gives the health benefits of aerobic exercise, but it also helps stretch and strengthen muscles. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed when searching for a class, don’t be intimidated. There are a variety of different styles of yoga, including those that are best for beginners. Here are some pointers to help explain the different yoga styles and some suggestions for classes especially for beginners.

Best Styles of Yoga for Beginners

  • Hatha - Due to its slower pace, Hatha is a great style of yoga for those just starting out. This gentler style of yoga requires students to hold poses for a few short breaths.
  • Vinyasa - Those who love high-intensity workouts will enjoy Vinyasa, which links breathing and movement in a dance-like style.
  • Yin - If you want to find your Zen, Yin style yoga is for you. This meditative style calms your mind and body.
  • Restorative - This slow-moving practice allows you to experience deeper relaxation and works well for those with insomnia and anxiety.
  • Kundalini Yoga - Great for those looking for a more spiritual experience, as it focuses on the internal aspects of meditation, breathing, and spiritual energy.
  • Bikram Yoga - Beginners who like a set routine will do well with this yoga style, as all Bikram studios use the exact 90-minute sequence.

Be patient as you experience the different styles of yoga to see what best suits you. Relax and let your mind be open to the best yoga experience.