The Health Benefits of not Drinking Alcohol for 1 Month

Drinking is a regular part of many people's social calendars, while others simply prefer to have a glass of wine with dinner. While alcohol may be part of your routine, there are benefits associated with abstaining from it. "Dry January" success stories illustrate what would happen to your body if you were to avoid alcohol for one month.

Research shows that giving up alcohol, even for a short period of time, can yield significant health benefits. Giving the liver a break from the strain of processing alcohol allows it to regenerate more effectively. In many cases, people also report sleeping better and feeling more rested since alcohol can often cause a disturbance in sleep patterns.

Another significant benefit of cutting out alcohol for one month is the reduction in caloric consumption. Alcohol is a high-colorie, low-nutrient beverage, which means that it is easy to put on weight with excess drinking. Some research also suggests that there may be a link between alcohol consumption and a reduction in the ability to lose weight.

If you choose to give up alcohol for a short period of time, it may be a good idea to choose the winter months. Many people tend to experience seasonal depression during the colder months of the year, and because alcohol acts as a depressant, it can increase those negative mental health effects.

The potential benefits of giving up alcohol for one month are plentiful, and there are numerous benefits to abstaining from alcohol in the long term as well. Consider giving Dry January (or any other month) a try to experience the boost in health for yourself.